Illegal Sellers – Character editor tool

Diversity, mass tourism, gentrification, xenophobia or cultural integration in cosmopolitan cities are some of the topics to be addressed in Ancient Laie: Illegal Sellers.

In order to refect them, the game will need a good amount of different characters. In order to optimize the amount of work needed to draw and animate them, we created a character editor tool and a custom layered sprite system.
Illegal Sellers - Rose seller

We split character sprite and animations in layers in order to reutilize them to create new characters with different combinations.

The tool also helps us to quickly test new animation frames, items, color palettes and different combinations for the enemies and characters, and at the same time is also a prototype for the in-game editor where you’ll customize the main character.

Illegal Sellers - Iberian soldier

Once we complete male humans we’ll also include women and monsters from the Iberian and Catalan mythologies. We plan to implement it in the most inclusive way, so as an example you’ll be able to play as bearded woman if desired.

CHECK OUT THIS TOOL HERE to create a cool character and please send us your feedback!

Iberian Sellers - Drunk tourist