Meet us and play Rawal Rumble at Barcelona Games World!

Some time ago Rawal Rumble started as one of many prototype and ideas that we developed during our free time, to practice and learn while working at Ubisoft or Digital Chocolate. Just for fun and to play with our friends, originally wasn’t designed as a commercial product.

But considering the overwhelming feedback that we received from other devs, game press, retrogaming community and players, in addition to some market research we decided to turn it into a full commercial game and to debut with a first public playable prototype demo at BGW.

Location of our Anarkade stand at Barcelona Games World '17. P2, A146: in the Catalan Arts booth
Location of our Anarkade stand at BGW17: P2, A146 Catalan Arts booth.
Please, send beers

Help us to improve Rawal Rumble!

We’ll have a prototype playable demo at the Catalan Arts booth (P2 palace, A146 booth) at Barcelona Games World, with the goal of collecting a lot of very valuable feedback from other devs, press, publishers and players in addition to make the first contacts with possible future partners.

This feedback will help us to double check the Rawal Rumble commercial potential we estimate and the points that we consider that need to be improved in the project, in addition to detect new changes and tweaks that the game may need. Please consider it’s the first time that the prototype has all the features and content, so most areas still need a lot ot work and will receive major changes and fine tunning in the near future.

 Join us, we’re building Anarkade!

Even if our small team has over 50 years of combined working experience in the gaming industry we’re founding our first company, so in addition to look forward to meet old gaming industry friends we also aim to meet more, who could become future partners in different areas or may help us to learn from their feedback and suggestions, in addition to help us to improve our long term roadmap and budgeting.

It’s still a bit early for us, but we want to start meeting potential indie friendly investors and publishers, PR & marketing companies (with successful retro pixel art arcade indies cases), porting companies (Unity & Game Maker to PS4/XBO/Switch), arcade machine manufacturers, arcade or retrogaming associations/magazines/websites/influencers, localization or QA companies and if possible a highly talented pixel artist freelance animator to work on Rawal Rumble characters.

Wanted dear or alive: Alex Roca, Anarkade's founder & CEO
Wanted dead or alice: Alex Roca, Anarkade’s CEO

If you work in of these industry areas please meet us in our stand, contact us through the “MeetToMatch” BGW platform or send Alex Roca an e-mail at

See you there!

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