R.I.P. Bob Wakelin

A few months after another ’80s gaming cover artist legend left us, today Bob Wakelin passed away. We’ll remember Bob for his amazing cover art illustrations for countless classic computer games released during the ’80s and ’90s.

Back then, we bought many Ocean or Imagine games for Spectrum, Amstrad CPC or Commodore Amiga just because their cover art was super cool, or because their ads in computer gaming magazines looked so rad. Bob was the insanely talented illustrator behind their artwork.

Some covers made by Bob
Bob drawn the covers of these and way more classics that we loved when we were kids

Over musculated soldiers holding giant guns, ninjas wearing with sunglasses, karate masters performing stylish attacks… we loved that colorful universe of cool stuff. And we weren’t alone, these games sold millions of copies.

Classics that influenced us to the point that we were using more than a dozen of his covers as main reference material to design Rawal Rumble characters, world and promotional art: The Renegade trilogy, Vindicator!, Galivan, Gryzor, Operation Wolf, Midnight Resistance, Shadow Warriors, NARC… Oh, god. We’ll miss you, Bob.

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