Rawal Rumble – Meet Flama!

Humphrey “Flama” García is a Mad Parsley Gang member who was fired from the police due to drug abuse and police brutality when most human policemen were replaced by the Cyber Police Squad.

Armed with a tonfa and molotov cocktails that he can hide inside his body using a traditional Catalan technique, Flama hates cops and ex-cops like Kashy because he thinks they betrayed him.

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Rawal Rumble – Ouch, it wasn’t a videogame :_(

As you know yesterday (17/08/17) our beautiful city suffered a horrible and coward terrorist attack, and there was another one nearby, in Cambrils. We are deeply shocked, touched and sad. All our thoughts are with the victims, their families and friends.

Our team may enjoy fictional violence in games or movies, but we can’t stand real life violence at all. We’re really sensitive, barbaric injustice really hurts us. Not just here, in our home city, but all around the world.

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