Rawal Rumble – Meet Flama!

Humphrey “Flama” García is a Mad Parsley Gang member who was fired from the police due to drug abuse and police brutality when most human policemen were replaced by the Cyber Police Squad.

Armed with a tonfa and molotov cocktails that he can hide inside his body using a traditional Catalan technique, Flama hates cops and ex-cops like Kashy because he thinks they betrayed him.

Rawal Rumbe - Flama

García and other Mad Parsley Gang members kidnapped the hacker Laia, Kashy’s girlfriend, taking advantage of the chaos they created in the first demonstration that took place in Neo-Barcelona after decades of strict military control.

You’ll face him at the end of the first Rawal Rumble level: Rawal metro station. He’s the first final boss of the game!

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